Below you will find the schedule of the current and upcoming courses.
Salsability starts every month with a new course and the course consists of four lessons.
The first lesson of the course is also a free trial lesson and costs €15 per person.
When registering, the €15 will be deducted from the €50 monthly tuition fee.
Do you want to participate in the course? Book via our registration page.

Why Choose Salsability Lessons?

  • they start every 4 weeks,
  • you don’t have to commit to one week day
  • structured class with correct technique by the only certified instructor in the Eddie Torres technique in the Netherlands.
  • Location: Beside Rotterdam central station.
    It’s always possible to come by for a trial lesson at Intermediate or Advanced level

Curious? Sign up for a trial lesson: To register click here!

The lessons at Salsability occur on a 4-week basis. The first lesson of a new 4-week cycle is also a try-out class. To see whether you would like to continue with the other 3 weeks, Salsability offers you the opportunity to take the first lesson of a course for just 15€. If you stay on with us, this will be deducted from the overall price. However, if you missed a trial class that is not a problem. It is always possible to join a course and make up for the missed lesson during the rest of the course, e.g. by coming twice in one week.

Another advantage of joining our classes is that you do not have to commit to one weekday. You sign up for a course, not a day. If Tuesday suits you best the first week but Wednesday better the rest of the times – No problem! If unforseeable circumstances prevents you from coming on your regular day? No problem! Just join another day with your course level in the same week.

4 Different Levels

Salsability works with 4 different ascending levels of Salsa. We offer:
Beginner, Advanced Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced classes.
Once you have mastered the curriculum of one course you are ready to move onto the higher level in consultation with the teacher.

Salsa Lesson Content:

  1. Beginner & Advanced Beginner Classes: The starters guide to the basics of Salsa/Mambo. Leaders will learn how to execute turn patterns with the appropriate signals and timing. Followers will learn how to respond to these signals with the appropriate body resistance and keep the momentum going.
  2. Intermediate & Advanced Classes: Leaders will learn to lead different turn patterns right after another with directional and hand changes. Followers will learn to follow multiple figures comfortably and the ability to do two spins. The result will be precise & seamless social dancing with a variety of dance partners.

Assessing one’s level:

Here at Salsability proper technique and thorough teaching are part of the fun. We want to make sure you learn on the right level, so you don’t have bad experiences in your future dancing.

Please join the Beginner’s trial lesson if this applies to you:

  • I have dance experience but not with any style of salsa
  • I have dance experience with salsa but less than 2 years
  • I’ve had more than 1 year of dance experience with salsa but that was a year or more ago
  • I’ve had more than 1 year of dance experience with salsa without a break but I have never taken lessons at Salsability.

Don’t worry about paying too much. We just want you to have the best experience. Once we’ve seen that you belong in a higher class we will deduct what you’ve already paid from the class fee of the higher level!

If you are still unsure which level you should join, let us know because we offer consultations to assess your level. Anyone with more than 2 years of recent dancing experience in any salsa style is well-advised to get an assessment. Sign up here for a free 10-minute consultation.

Other Types of Classes:

  • Show Team: Make the transition from a social dancer to a stage performer. Salsability dancers show Team
  • Open Training: During the Open Training you will learn the Rhythmical body structure of Salsa, challenging footwork, coordination and style, awareness and balance. You will learn the Salsa basics by the Rhythm method. How to develop your centre awareness, how to use your energy against the dance floor, how to let your movement go through your centre to create the ability of controlling your hips legs and balance.
    The Open Training is also based on the original names of the footwork patterns of Eddie Torres (Patterns Method). The Eddie Torres technique is made up of the most fundamental partnerwork steps and footwork steps (shines). Shines are your best and fastest way to fully understand the Salsa rhythm and timing.
    The beginning of wisdom is calling things/shines by their right names. The Open Training will give you all the basics you need to centre your body so you can move, then create a rhythm in your body so you can dance and connect with your partner. Before you dance with partner you have to be dancing yourself!
    ➤ For Who?
    – Dancers with some experience (advanced beginner level) who want to freshen up their skills.
    – Dancers who want to go through the transition proces from Salsa On1 to Salsa On2.

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