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Here are all the additional services we offer apart from the regular lessons. We have provided you with some basic pricing examples but you can customize the experience to a certain extend. On our Pricing Request page you can let us know what the specifics are and what extras you want and we can get back to you with a more complete pricing estimate.

Space Rental

When we are not having our own awesome dance parties at the Salsability Club location, we offer the space as a rental for many different uses. Are you a dance teacher looking for a place to teach a workshop? A company looking to host an event? Or in need of a presentation room with a beamer? Check out our versatile offers for renting the space for these purposes!

Network drinks and parties

Holding a reception or an after-work drinks event? For an event such as this we offer a package of the room hire with staff. including a snack and drink. Extras to this basic package range from adding a DJ, dance act, dance workshop or dinner.

Culinary enjoyment

Want to add a delicious dinner to your event in our rental space? No problem! Together with our culinary partners we can provide breakfast, lunch, brunch or dinner! This extra is available from 20 onwards to a maximum of 150 attendees. The price is dependant upon your wishes for the dishes!

Meeting packages

Our location is not only perfect to party but also to get down to business. Need a central place to hold a meeting? You want the professional requirements of a beamer, WIFI, and an unlimited coffee and tea supply? But not in a grey environment that demotivates? Hold your meeting at our unique Delftseplein location!

Workshops / Teambuilding

Looking for a way to break the ice during a festival, private or company party?
We can teach a one-hour beginners’ workshop to kick off a great night or an advanced workshop to upgrade your dancing level. Again, pricing depends on the nature of the workshop, so let  us know what you have in mind on our Pricing Request page and we’ll get back to you with an estimate.

Salsability, Delftseplein 36, 3013AA Rotterdam


Are you organizing a dance congress or a private party and want to spice it up? Or do you just want to show others the fun of Salsa? We give outstanding performances! The price of the performance varies depending on what kind of extras you choose: With or without costume, female partner or duration and extravagance of the tailor-made choreography are just some examples. Let us know what you have in mind on our Pricing Request page and we’ll get back to you with an estimate.

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