Trial & Individual class fee€ 15,00
One class per week (4 classes per month)€ 50,00
One day unlimited classes€ 70,00
Two day’s unlimited classes€ 80,00
→ Unlimited classes€ 90,00

Class-Taking Options

Every student has different needs when taking classes. That’s why we offer different options when it comes to taking lessons. Underneath the difference between trial and individual lessons as well as the unlimited options are explained.


Single Classes: Trial or Individual Classes?

A try-out class is meant to give you an idea of how we teach lessons, to get to know the teachers, and the location. Usually such a trial class is taken within the trial week, which occurrs at the beginning of each 4-week lesson cycle. However, if you missed the trial week you can also take a trial lesson during the lesson cycle. As long as you have not taken lessons with us before, this will still count as a trial lesson and only cost €15.


An individual class is for a person who has already been a student here and just wishes to follow one individual lesson within a 4-week lesson cycle. Perhaps there is a figure you really liked but forgot and you just need one lesson to get it right again. Whatever the reson, you are welcome and this will only cost € 15.


Both of these options are different from a private lesson, which you can find on the Hire Us page, because they take place within the class environment with other students. A private lesson is just you and the teacher and, therefore, more pricey.


Lesson Cycle: Unlimited?

Most schools offer you one course level for one lesson cycle but we know that your level advancement is not so simple and how important practice can be. That’s why we offer the unlimited packages. Essentially, the packages mean you can come as much as you like depending on your Salsability (salsa dance level). The one day package means you can come for as many lessons you want on specific day whereas the purely unlimited package means you can attend as many classes as you want during the entire week. How much utility you can get out of the package depends on your Salsability in so far that you may only attend your own level or lower levels. At first this may seem pointless but from years of experience Malek noticed that mastery of a level is often not attained after just one course. But it can become a little boring to attend the same level again without any advancement.


So, if you are an advanced beginner but still The One-Day Unlimited package means you can come to all the courses on one day a week for the duration of the 4-week lesson cycle depending on your dance level. Advanced Beginners: If you are an advanced beginner you may still come to the beginners lessons with this pass to practice your basic movements and become more confident in dancing with a partner. Intermediate Dancers:  If you are an intermediate dancer you may still come to the beginners lessons with this pass to practice your basic movements and become more confident in dancing with a partner.


Course Fees

The course fee is due at the beginning of a 4-week course. If you have participated in a €15 trial class and already paid the €15, you only need to pay the remaining fee. A course fee once paid is only valid for the one 4-week lesson cycle you signed up for and cannot be refunded.


Payment Options

Cash payment is possible on site. The tuition fees can also be transferred to our bank account:
NL 30 INGB 0003 0600 24.


Please do not forget to mention your name and the level you will be taking!

There is no additional registration fee for Salsability lessons.
It’s not possible to get a refund or postpone the classes to a later time period.



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