Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Answers to the most frequently asked questions to Salsability. Is your question not listed? Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you.

Salsa Lesson Questions:

I would like to enroll in a Salsa class, but I am not sure about my dancing level. For which class should I register?

Here at Salsability proper technique and thorough teaching are part of the fun. We want to make sure you learn on the right level, so you don’t have bad experiences in your future dancing.

Please join the Beginner’s trial lesson if one or more of these statements apply to you:

–       I have dance experience but not with any style of salsa

–       I have dance experience with salsa but less than 2 years

–       I’ve had more than 1 year of dance experience with salsa but that was a year or more ago

–       I’ve had more than 1 year of dance experience with salsa without a break but I have never taken lessons at Salsability

Don’t worry about paying too much. We just want you to have the best experience. Once we’ve seen that you belong in a higher class we will deduct what you’ve already paid from the class fee of the higher level!

If you are still unsure which level you should join, let us know because we offer consultations to assess your level. Anyone with more than 2 years of recent dancing experience in any salsa style is well-advised to get an assessment. Sign up here for a free 10-minute consultation.

Which levels of Salsa dancing classes are given at Salsability?
Salsability works with 4 ascending levels of Salsa. We offer Beginner, Advanced Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced lessons. Once you have mastered the curriculum of one course you are ready to move onto the higher level in consultation with the teacher. What does ‘in consultation with the teacher’ mean? Depending on your Salsability (the ability of salsa dancing on the level in which you’re taking classes), your level will be assessed, and you’ll be informed of the school’s recommendation whether to move on to the next level, or stay in the current level in order to strengthen and fine-tune your skills.

If I miss a class for some reason, is it possible to join another class to catch up?
Yes. For all classes, except for advanced level and the open level classes, there are multiple days on which you can join a class to catch up. There is no need for prior notification.

Please note: it is only possible to catch up a missed class during the same course. So it is not possible to catch up a missed class during the next (or later) course.

If I enlisted for a class, is it possible to get a refund or postpone the class to a later time period
Unfortunately, this is never possible. Payments once made are only valid for that one 4-week lesson cycle you signed up for.

Do I need special clothing to come to class?
Special clothing is not required. Just wear what you are comfortable in! 

Try-Out Lesson Questions:

Is it possible to come by for an introduction class, enroll in an ongoing class?
Yes, all of the above is always possible. A try-out class fee is €15,-. Check the question below or the trial-class page for more info.

Do I need to register for a try-out class?
Yes, we would like you to sign up for the first trial lesson. This can be done on our registration page. A trial lesson costs only € 15 per person. If you sign on full-time with us, the paid € 15, – will be subtracted from the course price.

I registrered for a class but I didn’t receive a confirmation. Why didn’t I receive a confirmation?We will confirm your registration once we received your registration form and your payment. So please note: you will only receive a confirmation if you (1) completed the registration form, and also (2) transferred the course/try-out fee to our bank account.

Did you register and pay? Then please check your spam-box as well.

I would like to register for a class/Beginner Intensive. Are there enough spots available?

You can assume that there are enough spots available for our classes. So feel free to register and pay the course/try-out fee to complete your registration. If there are very few or no spots available, we will note this clearly on our website.

Partnering During Class:

Do I need to register with a partner?
You can either register with or without a partner. If needed, Salsability will provide additional dancing partners.

Do I need to dance with the same person during the whole class?
It is customary to change partners regularly during the classes, but this is not mandatory. Just let us know if you prefer to remain with your partner during class. The reason we do advise to switch partners is that it can help advance your Salsability (the ability of dancing salsa on your level).

Am I allowed to come by and help/be a partner during other classes than my own?
Sometimes we might ask you to come in on a day that is not your own if a class needs an extra partner. You’d be helping us and you get more dance miles! However, to do so is allowed if you are asked and only in classes which are of a lower level than your own and are of an uneven gender distribution.

Event Questions:

Can I take part in the salsa parties without following lessons with you?
Yes. Everyone is welcome at our Salsa parties. Also people who do not follow or have followed lessons with us. View the full entertainment agenda on our Events page.

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