Going out; the best Latin parties in Rotterdam

★ Friday 23 June 2023
→ Salsa in de Stad, 21:00 – 02:00
★ 21:00 Salsa & Bachata beginners workshop by Salsability
★ DJ Fulano – Salsa & Bachata
★ Gwepa Photographer will capture your beautiful dance moments
→ €10,- at the door, Only Cash
→ €8,- pre-sale
➤ Que bonito, je krijgt bij je early bird ticket een gratis mojito
★ Salsability, Delftseplein 36, 3013 AA Rotterdam

★ Saturday 10 June 2023
→ Salsa in de Stad, 21:00 – 02:00
★ Live Music: Big Salsa Band
★ 21:00 Salsa beginners workshop by Salsability
★ Band will play from 22:00 – 23:30
★ DJ Fulano – Salsa & Bachata
➤▣▤▥ ⓟⓡⓘⓒⓔⓢ
→ €15,- at the door Only Cash
→ €12,- pre-sale

De band is uniek in Nederland als Big Band gespecialiseerd in Salsa muziek, compleet met ritmesectie, trompetten, trombones, saxen en zangeressen.
Een must voor Salsa liefhebbers. We zien niets liever dan een dansend en lachend publiek.

★ Salsability, Delftseplein 36, 3013 AA Rotterdam

★ Sunday 8th October 2023
→ 16:00 – 20:00
➤ Tablao Flamenco Rotterdam
➤ Flamenco Workshop for Beginners 16:00-17:00
➤ Tapas & drinks 17:00 -18:00
➤ Flamenco Show 18:00-20:00
★ Dancing: Claudia Karapanou
★ Singing: Vangelis Chatzigiannis
★ Guitar: Lucas Arango
★ Percussion: Lucas Zegri

Presale prices:
→ € 13,- per person for the workshop
→ € 18,- per person for the show
→ € 38,- per person for the show & tapas
→ € 45,- per person all-in, Including workshop, tapas, show.

Door prices:
→ € 15,- per person for the workshop
→ € 20,- per person for the show
→ € 45,- per person for the show & tapas
→ € 50,- per person all-in, Including workshop, tapas, show

→ Salsability, Delftseplein 36
3013 AA Rotterdam / The Netherlands

➤ Have fun in a luxurious atmosphere and 5 star location

★ Five Reasons to visit the Salsability parties.
1. Top Location
Salsability offers a perfect dancing environment. We are located at an AA-location and our 200m2  wooden dance floor offers enough space to welcome a lot of dancers. Salsability with its great atmosphere and luxurious interior, offers a setting that represents the salsa scene.
2. Perfect location
Salsability is located within walking distance of Rotterdam Central Station and is therefore centrally located and easily accessible. You can also easily park your car close by at ParkBee (Schiestraat).
3. Safe learning environment
Salsabilty offers you a “second home”, where you can practice the steps you’ve learned in a familiar and warm environment. Especially for beginners it is really nice and desirable to practice the steps in a place where you feel comfortable. Salsability offers you this comfortable learning environment.
4. The right sound and lighting
The room is equipped with a perfect sound system, which allows you to feel the music perfectly while dancing. In addition, Salsability has an advanced lightning system, which creates a great atmosphere and makes you look even better on the dancefloor. 
5. Support the ambassadors of the salsa scene
We at Salsability have a huge passion for salsa. We believe that it’s very important to represent the salsa scene in a proper and stylish way. We consider ourselves ambassadors of the salsa scene, which is why we offer a fixed location where dancers can come to to enjoy a night of salsa dancing. We are the only organizer of salsa socials in Rotterdam that offers a stage for the salsa scene every week at a fixed location and a fixed evening on the weekends. With our room that offers a great atmosphere and the concept of our socials, we strive to put salsa on the map in a representative way. By visiting our socials you support Salsability and with that you also support the dance you love.

Je kunt voor €2,60- per uur parkeren.
De parkeergarage is op 30 seconden loopafstand van de club, check hiervoor de website:
Je kunt ook bij de molenwaterweg parkeren, na 23:00 gratis parkeren.
Je kunt ook met de trein, Salsability is op 4 minuten loopafstand van Rotterdam centraal station.

♥ State of Mambo is a mini salsa congress; this includes a party as well as workshops for the longtime salsa lover and beginner alike. Its purpose is to stay current with the international developments in the salsa scene. All this is brought to you by Salsability, organised specially and passionately for you.

We do this because quality, up-to-dateness, and correct technique are our core values. Giving the pioneers of the Salsa New York Style a stage here in Rotterdam ensures knowledge flow, passion, and love for salsa, which, we think, should never come too short!”

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